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This software provides a management solution for entering detailed livestock records. Track unlimited animal types from cattle, hogs, goats, dairy, sheep, horses, reindeer, elk, and ostriches - all with the same program. Individual animals and groups are easy to set up with no limitations on the number of animals it will handle. Reports are easy to print and can be customized for your specific needs.


Tracks an unlimited number of animal types such as cattle, hogs, dairy, sheep, goats, elk, horses, and more.

Maintain complete and detailed records and histories on livestock by individual or group of animals.

Display and print pedigrees by selecting the desired animal, then displaying its parents and/or children, continuing as far up or down the tree as desired.

Calendar area schedules vaccinations, testing, and breeding events.

Enter important vaccination records for each animal and print reports.

By-products area allows you to keep detailed records on milk, eggs, wool, etc.

Set up User Defined Fields to keep track of additional information that is of specific importance to you.

Reports include valuable information such as weaning weights, mother performance, feed conversions, and vaccinations. All reports can be sorted by the individual or by the group.

Generates custom reports from information entered. All reports can be exported in a number of useful formats including Word, Excel, PDF, and Text.

Associate an unlimited number of digital images with each animal.

Import animals from text files (such as a spreadsheet). Saves time by not having to enter your animals when first starting out.

Compatible with most scales for importing weight information.

Supports industry standard ASCII File formats to read in data including university scores such as EPDs.

Easily add Stock Mobile for record keeping in the pasture or barn.




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