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AgCam Aluminum For FMX

AgCam Aluminum For FMX

AgCam Aluminum Camera Kit for AgGPS® FmX™ Integrated Display


The AgCam uses a unique camera that has been engineered to withstand the harshest environments with ease and reliability. Featuring a completely waterproof housing, rated at IP69, an advanced 1/3" Sony Super HAD CCTV imaging sensor with 540 lines of resolution and twin color/black & white imaging boards, this camera can be used in a variety of situations producing excellent results. The real beauty of the camera system is its ability to easily migrate from one application to another using a single wire hookup and a strong magnet.


The color portion of the camera is a very low light imager sensitive to below .01 Lux, and the 12 built in high output infrared emitters allow for viewing up to 40 plus feet in complete darkness. The camera will allow for immediate transfer from a brighty lit to very dark environment without any interruption in high quality picture. The front of the camera features an exclusive photo chromatic lens with auto darkening properties, which, even when at its darkest, is invisible to the infrared emitters, allowing the user to go from bright sunlight to complete darkness with no sacrifice of quality or sharpness. This is the same glass used in the most expensive prescription glasses and is an exclusive of the AgCam system. In very bright sunlight the glass darkens and in the low light it becomes clear. This is a feature which allows the user to see high quality images, even when looking directly into the sun. Its low profile makes it easy to find an appropriate mounting location. This kit includes the AgCam aluminum camera, an FmX display cable and a 20’ extension cable for the FmX integrated display.




100% waterproof housing

Solid aluminum housing

All natural triple rubber O-ring seals

Mounted on a ceramic POT magnet with a 45 lb. pull strength

Exclusive auto shading lens

Automatic infared illuminators

Low profile adjustable mounting bracket

Stainless steel hex head screws


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