Transfer Tracks

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Elmer's Transfer Tracks

Elmer's Transfer Track

Custom Designed Track

Special care has been given to develop an exclusive track design, the Haul Master features a custom built track featuring a lower and wider profile tread to reduce berming during turns, yet provide an excellent ride and tread cleanout. The low and wide profile also provides excellent wear characteristics. Additional benefits of this design include an optimized tread pitch to minimize vibrations providing a smoother, quieter ride.

Key Features

Elmer's Haul Master tracks are designed to tackle the toughest field conditions and increase capacity all to help better your productivity in the field. Here are some of the features that set us apart from our competitors.

Super Tough Undercarriage

In order to handle and distribute the high capacity loads that Elmer's grain carts are carrying there has to be a strong backbone throughout the entire undercarriage. A hollow structure design, paired up with four heavy duty turnbuckles stands up to all the roughest field conditions and sharp radius turns. Whether traveling over bumps or through a drainage ditch, there is no compromise made for strength and durability on Elmer's track undercarriages.

Hydraulic Track Tensioning

Track tension is important in the performance of any track system. When turning sharp with a heavy load, it is essential to keep the tension firmly applied so the track stays on and runs true. Add in environmental variables such as mud and other debris and you have constantly changing conditions. This is why the Elmer's Haul Master utilizes a hydraulic under accumulator pressure track tensioning system to keep track pressure steady and consistent through all conditions. This is a simple and extremely low maintenance system that requires no special tools or gauges.

Pivoting Mid Rollers

Mid rollers are important in distributing the weight of the cart evenly to the ground. A more common rigid design makes this impossible unless you are traveling across perfectly flat land. The Haul Master Track system uses pivoting mid rollers that individually roll over bumps to help distribute the weight of the cart evenly, reducing compaction, increasing durability and stability as well as providing a much smoother and quieter ride in all conditions.

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